Why Won’t Entrepreneurs Follow a System? Podcast Ep 201

This week it is my turn to bring the focus of the week and it is this: Why Are Entrepreneurs So Annoying? I am thinking particularly of those of us (and I include Nicola and myself in here) who buy systems and processes and proven formulae and then deviate from them, believing it is somehow different for us?

Should Entrepreneurs ever bother to buy another’s system if we are not going to follow it? Why do we buy solutions and then deviate from them and blame what we have bought when the problem begins and ends with us? Self-sabotage by deviation is pointless and expensive, and it can be dispiriting for those serving the sort of entrepreneurs I have in mind.

This does not apply to the business coaching I do with rugged individualists who are creating their own ideal self-employment which is probably in their own name because that’s precisely what we want in that example where I am teaching them to trust themselves more. But in various other examples I cite in the show, it can be a frustrating conundrum and the price we pay – whether it is £100 of £6,000 – doesn’t seem to make any difference. It seems we are compelled to go our own way, waste our money and fail. Time to stop doing that, one way or another?

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In other news, Nicola has been woken in her bed by quite a big earthquake, found an app where she can give feedback to the scientists monitoring how far the earthquake is felt, and been persuaded to go and support two local friends in their Am Dram play by Ian Hislop et al.  And I’ve had quite a testing week with another dramatic, painful and bruising fall, two sleepless nights, a house move which meant I had to pack everything I owned this time and unpack it and repeat that next week too but at least that one will be the final time for about six months.

I’ve continued to enjoy my farewell tour of my family in Somerset and Dorset, received presents, broken the handle on my expensive pink handbag, visited my grandparents’ farm and the beautiful chapel where I was christened in 1955, seen my oldest school friend streamed live from TEDxVienna and enjoyed fully functional central heating for the first time in what has felt like forever. All new all the time is challenging, but not necessarily in a bad way.

Our respective fires are fuelled by (me) driving about the West Country singing M People’s Moving on up and noticing beautiful churches and wishing I was a photographer. It passes! And learning to work more efficiently (Nicola) while sharing a laptop with sister Sarah, and good news from her peers in Write Club.

Our Words of the Week are Contingency (hers) and Idiosyncratic (mine).

In Project Updates I talk about my desire to have a sabbatical year in 2019, and Nicola tells me she has made too many changes to her websites over the summer and now cannot work out what difference any of them have made so she’s reversing a couple of them so she can do a proper test.

Finally, I am impressed by Jo Berry on Radio 2 talking to Vanessa Feltz about the peace and reconciliation work she does with Patrick Magee, the IRA member convicted of murdering her father in the bomb at the Tory Party Conference in Brighton. After he was released in the Good Friday agreement Jo and Patrick found a way to talk and forgive and become friends and now travel the world encouraging others to make changes in their lives too.

And Nicola is impressed by Hannah Fry’s Magic Numbers: The Mysterious World of Maths on BBC4.

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