You Are My Why

You Are My WhyAstrologer Sally Kirkman shared a TED talk in one of my client mentoring groups last week and this inspired me to suggest that those who wanted to might like to write a blog post about why you do what you do and we could play blog tag with it, linking to each other’s posts.

Wanna join in?

Here’s what to do:

1. Watch the TED film with Simon Sinek (see below)

2. Write the blog post about your own why

3. Send me a link and I will link to yours here in this post

4. Link to this post of mine using this link


I’ve been self-employed for a very long time and much of it has been glorious. Equally, much of it has also been very painful indeed. They say the very best learning comes from the pain, but I don’t want it to take 40 years of trial and error and pain before you have a successful small business of your own which enables you to create an income doing something that you love.

I want to short-cut that for you by sharing tips and inspiration, what I’ve learned by doing it myself and doing it with my accounting and mentoring clients, numbering over 1,000 at the time of writing.

I want to explore new ideas with you and explain old ones too. I’ll tell you what’s worked for me and what I’ve seen work for others and together we can explore ideas designed to accelerate your progress and profits, make it easier and faster for you than it was for me and ensure it all chimes with your vision and values.

You are my why.


I teach and write and coach and mentor and podcast about being self-employed and owning and running your own small business and growing your freelance work. I lead and facilitate intimate mastermind groups that encourage and help and support anyone who has taken on the challenge of employing themselves, either willingly or if you’ve had it forced upon you, and anyone who wants to leave the day job and join our ranks. I specialise in solopreneurs, one woman and one man bands working from home. I especially welcome the creative self-employed including writers and artists, soulful and spiritual people, healers and helpers and anyone who refuses to be pigeon-holed.

I bring love and heart and a little bit of woo woo to my work and also bucketloads of common sense, wisdom, expertise, resources and contacts.


I’ve put together several small entrepreneurial groups of international clients using Skype and other online platforms which facilitate easy communication, and I also work 1-2-1 with private clients.

My mentoring groups are designed to be useful and affordable to all, starting at just £50 a month. Book yourself into my online diary, no strings attached. Choose one of the slots called Entrepreneur of the Day.


Here’s Simon Sinek’s video:

And here’s a list of the posts of people who have taken the time to explore why they do what they do:

1. Vania Phitidis of read Vania’s Why

2. Jo Baker of – read Jo’s Why

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