Wild Expectations for 2010

I’ve had time off, of course I have, in the last three years but I haven’t had a proper holiday.   What’s the difference?  

Time off constitutes something I am coming to enjoy more and more, downtime in my own home.   Its peaceful, I get to enjoy Augusts in the UK and I get lots of self-care jobs done which feels lovely.  

And holidays involve “abroad”!  

When I first went into coaching, I took on an empowering belief from Thomas Leonard that no-one wanted to be coached during August or December so planned my working year thus.

And my next intention was to take the whole of December off, abroad, because I hate the cold here in the UK at that time of year.   I managed it in 2005 and 2006 but 2007 and 2008 were perforce spent at home, reasons why too tedious to explore here.   But we were back on track in December 2009 and revisited my beloved St Martin in the Caribbean.   And, as they say, despite evil travelling conditions in both directions, a wonderful time was had by all.

But the more down into your downtime you get over Christmas, the harder it is to get back up to speed in January, don’t you find?   Last year I remember that particularly.   For eleven months I work like a demon, ten if you count August off, and thus it takes me a while to come down from the rapid pace at which I work and the long hours I put in, but once I get relaxed into my new holiday mode where I wonder how I ever fit in a “job” let alone the multiple roles I play at home, I find it increasing difficult to come back up to speed.

And perhaps that’s all to the good because the previous pace which starts to trot, canter, gallop away with me to compulsive levels of rollercoaster is nothing short of stressful and, no matter how much I love my work, no way to live.

And so the first week of January is hard – coming back up to momentum, but also a thoughtful one, especially in the snow, as we get time to work on our new year’s resolutions, intentions and goals.

I am very fortunate to count a number of very excellent coaches amongst my friends and so we do swaps, intent on helping each other get clear on what we want to work on and manifest is the coming new year.   As Oprah says “Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right” – hooray!   Gotta love a clean slate.

And all messages seem prescient – whether my horoscope in the Sunday papers or my daily message from the Universe.

Here are a couple of quotes which this week have made me pause for thought.   Firstly from someone I’ve never heard of called Ralph Charrell, sorry Ralph if you’re reading!   But thanks also for this “nobody succeeds beyond his or her wildest expectations unless he or she begins with some wild expectations!”   Nice, very nice.   So I hope you are working on your wild expectations of 2010 and asking big?   I like the sound of wild.

Secondly from Beloved Tut in his daily message from the Universe, my favourite this week which really spoke to me was “Judith, all I need from you is a vision, followed by an unending march of little, tiny baby steps in its direction.”   Note his use of the word “all” in that context.   Lovely, makes it sound easy and effortless and who isn’t a fan of that?

So then, it comes down to the vision and what we want and taking the daily small actions which make all the difference.   Of course it does, nothing new there, but a timely reminder works well and is always a useful guide in this sort of navel gazing.

What do you want in 2010, particular in regard to your finances, because that’s usually my agenda here?   Here’s hoping a few of my own thoughts might chime with you or prompt you to write a list if you haven’t already.

My  financial goals and intentions include liberation from bad debt, securing my elusive first R2O deal, learning more about Forex as well as having others trade for me, reducing my outgoings by 15-20% whilst experimenting with thrift without becoming scarce and returning fully to my first love of working with businesses and helping them to become either Successfully Self-Employed or Effortless Business Owners, as they prefer.   Of course, you can graduate from one to the other over time too.

Yesterday we began this debate in the Money Gym Google Group about what we want and if you are not snowed in and a member of that forum, then do come on down and get some public accountability by deciding what you want and joining in with us all as our goals take shape and we begin work on them.

And if you are snowed in, then why not take a leaf out of the book of one of our very esteemed expert property colleagues and go out snowballing!

Finally, do please remember that one doesn’t exclude the other – you can have fun and you can have financial success.   For me, they are frequently one and the same.

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