Will A Business Coach Help You With Your Personal Stuff Too?

Stressed BusinesswomanThe short answer is yes, this Business Coach will. Why? Because you are a human being too and you come with all sorts of stuff attached; a wife, a husband or a partner (sometimes more than one of each!), children, parents, obligations, duties, responsibilities, pets, health challenges, pets and/or partners with health challenges, and so on. All human beings do and in my opinion it is not ideal to even attempt to separate the human part of you from the business part.

Our job together is a find a way to address issues arising and clear out what we can so that you may be happy and fulfilled in both halves of your life. Yin and yang. Without one there will be no healthy other. All work and no play makes Jill a very dull solopreneur.

This thought came up again today. Monday is our busy day in my Club 100 as clients are required to submit a short report picking two stretchy things they will do over and above their normal workload, the two things which will make all the difference to growing their business. And next week you come back and report how you got on. “Dones” are celebrated and shared since the success of one rubs off on another. “Not dones” and “half dones” are explored.

What got in the way? It can be family, or relationships or illness or a combination. Or it can be that you are not prepared to get out of your comfort zone or you just don’t want the things you thought you wanted. All bear examination as, again, it is clearing. Clearing you for take-off in your great little business.

And today this conversation about what your business coach will and will not support you through was prompted by a long-time client who was kind enough to say: “For those of you who have just joined the group, I wouldn’t have got to this point with my partner if I hadn’t had Judith to help me through some really tricky times.”

New Club 100 members were surprised that they could ask for such support and quizzed my client for clarification, to which she replied: “The thing that sticks in my mind when I have talked to Judith about my love life is – she usually starts by saying ‘I know f..k all about relationships’ then gives me some of the best bits of advice I’ve ever had.”

How do I do that? I’m an observer of human behaviour, more so – often – than a participant particularly when it comes to romantic relationships, resolutely and happily single as I am. And whilst not wanting to participate in what most people want, I watch how they do it and I observe patterns of successful behaviour in marriages and relationships, what works and what doesn’t. And I can share that. I am completely without judgement and, of course, I’ve been round the block a bit too and this makes me A Wise Old Bird.

Wait until you trust me enough and we’ll deal with those issues especially if they threaten your business and vice versa. Bring your personal stuff by all means and let’s sort your private life out while you are creating a business to love.

When I first coached in the early days I did hope that people would not want me to coach them about relationships, but personal coaching in this area – romance – is far easier than you could possibly imagine. It requires you (the client) to do only two things to get a new life partner. (1) Get attractive and (2)  get out of the house. Honestly, it really is that easy, and I have the client wedding photographs to prove that; just call me Cilla Black. Once you have your new partner, well… that’s when your problems begin.

But all this personal stuff isn’t about relationships per se, it’s about how you feel about them and precisely how you let your feelings (particularly women) get in the way of your productivity when working for yourself, often at home alone. You can lose vast tracts of time if you are upset or angry with no tools for getting rid of your unhelpful emotions.

I have those tools, so bring your whole self to coaching – or not – it’s entirely your choice, but I am fearless when it comes to your feelings.

Your Biz Your Way

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  1. Benjamin says:

    I have the same opinion as the previous comment. A coach can help you to improve your personal skills and business skills. they have the wide experience in this field. thanks for sharing this information.

  2. Frank Jurga says:

    When the opportunity arose to introduce this humour at the right time, I used to tell my clients there was a very thin dividing line between Financial Planning and Family Planning. Your position as a very trusted and trustworthy person will mean that clients become friends and friends talk about feelings. And, as you say, you have the wedding photos to prove it.

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