Wiser Than We Know

boredomTimid, fearful or undecided? I believe we are all wiser than we know and that often we know the answers but seek the reassurance of others before making a final decision. There are often no right answers except your own. So the muscle you are learning to flex and strengthen here is to trust yourself more often.

I hardly ever ask anyone else’s opinion. I’d need to be really stuck. I’m not sure why this is. It could be that I don’t know who to ask. It’s definitely because when I see it happen in groups of which I am a member or leader, all I see happen is that the vote it split and that doesn’t help the one asking the question, it just makes the confusion and indecision worse.

It could be because I am confident in my ability to make a decision, having had a lot of practice.

It could be because I’m not all that bothered about what others think of the decisions I make; that’s mostly true but not 100%.

It’s definitely because I know my market will tell me whether I’ve got it right or wrong when I offer them something – a product or a service – for money. And then I have the choice of withdrawing unattractive offers once I know I’ve done my best with them and got it wrong this time. Or I can tweak them and offer them again. Or I can dig in for the medium term because I’m pretty sure it’s a good idea, but the world is taking a while to catch on.

I don’t survey my tribe. I believe the only thing that counts is when they decide with their purse or wallet. It’s not that people like but votes of confidence from supportive fans and fellow Facebookers are of limited value, I find. The acid test is the ka-ching.

So when my clients come and ask me and the rest of the gang what do we think about X, Y and Z, I’m mostly interested in what they think and do you know what? They pretty much always have it right. What to call something. How to do something. When they’ve done enough tweaking. We know. We are wiser than we think.

So what, I wonder, do we need to do to trust ourselves more with our decision-making ability? And how did we get so fearful of getting it wrong? I don’t think you can get it wrong, in that sense. I think all you can do is ask and experiment and see what works and see what makes you and your customers happy.

Go on – have a go! Don’t over-think it. Look back to good decisions you’ve made in the past or to a time when you were confident of your abilities and channel that version of yourself. Soon, as an entrepreneur and business owner, you will get that good and that confident again. Till then, be guided by your own gut instincts and inner knowing and trust yourself. You’ve got this. Have the courage of your convictions and go with the one you like best. You’re probably right.

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