With Love on Valentine’s Day: Podcast Ep 215

Today our show is about love because we recorded it on Valentine’s Day. Who and What do Nicola and I Love? We created some categories in advance and compared our answers on the day.

  • Something we love: Nicola is in love with her MacBook Pro and me with words (no surprise there, surely?)
  • Someone we love: I love myself, as a singleton it all must start there, and Nicola loves her children, Phoebe and Nelson
  • Books we love: Nicola loves Iain M. Banks and Diana Cooper, I love memoirs, Bill Bryson and Barbara Kingsolver
  • Work we love; We both picked coaching, Nicola for being able to encourage, me for beingable to be curious and helpful
  • Wild card: Nicola loves learning new stuff and I love the new music I discover from the soundtracks of films and movies

Good game!

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Nicola reports in on her week first. They’ve been out to Melissa’s in Dave’s Dining Club, she spent the weekend writing and realised her book is not sci-fi but an action thriller, they’ve recorded five episodes of Write Club’s podcast just before the members start travelling. One of the episodes involved a lot of giggling as they talked about erotic writing. She’s had an annoying admin month with some glitches in her business banking but she’s putting a happy face on it.

My week, for the second week running, has been all about movies. I caught up with four more new ones, all of which I loved – If Beale Street Could Talk, Roma, Bohemian Rhapsody and Widows. Roma is available to stream on Netflix and it won Best Film, Best Director, Best Cinematography and Best Film Not in the England Language, quite a haul for a longish black & white film with subtitles, but worth it and much deserved.

Our fires have been fuelled by Nicola selling two copies in one day of her latest business book Attract 3.0 and me by a realisation about how important creativity is in my life and work, especially how I didn’t realise how creative I was during the first half of my career, and then how I went on to deliberately choose to work with many creatives as a coach. Now I appreciate it is one of my top values, and it adds to the joy of my life hugely.

Our words of the week are Passion (hers) and Creativity (mine).

In Project Updates I report that I kept my writing commitment on Monday although I am, as yet, uninspired. And Nicola reports that our first-day download numbers for the most recent two shows of Own It! are up from 200 to 300 on the day, which encouragement is always good to know.

And finally, we talk about who or what has impressed us. Nicola saw a film she enjoyed on YouTube about Barry Gibb, The Last Bee Gee. And I trail the four listener guests we are recording next week to put in the show over the next few months, all stepping outside their comfort zone, they are Linda, Cath, Sue and Karen and we look forward to meeting them and discussing their chosen topics.


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