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Heal Cheryl RichardsonThe received wisdom is that I should, by now, have created a book and a signature programme. It’s been twelve years and I don’t want to do either of those things, though I don’t rule them out.  I have coached countless other clients and coaches through creating them and those concepts were perfect for them. Just not for me. And here’s why.

I want to be with you.

I want to be with you, listen to you, hear you in what you say and what you don’t, keep companionable silence with you, teach you, hold your metaphorical hand and walk with you by your side. I want to breathe with you and sit in grateful silence when the tears fall. I want to explore with you when you are stumped. I want to reconnect you with the girl you were before you lost your sparkle. I want to encourage and re-kindle your adventurer within.

I have opinions about things and stories to tell but I find each of my clients to be unique and, as yet, I haven’t found the One Book I could write which could help all, or even lots. Or the One Programme which could fit all, or even many. If I had, I would have created it, that bit would be a snip for me.

My creativity is spurred by you and for you.

Coaching is considerably less formulaic than my previous career in accounting. I don’t find that one size fits all. I don’t find myself saying and teaching the same principles over and over. You always seem to me to bring me a unique set of challenges. I need and want to listen to you tell it, and to help  you come up with solutions which fit you like a glove. If you lovely people were all the same I would have been bored years ago. Thankfully, you are not.

I went out to lunch with my brother about a week ago and he asked me if I was going to be happy doing this work for the next twenty years. The broad answer is yes. But the specific answer is that already my coaching work is very different from even five years ago and that it will continue to change over and over in the coming years, with you. And with me. Who knows where that will take us?

The problems you bring today are not the same as they were when I started out in this career. I must adapt and study and move with you as your life and business changes and you don’t all change in the same way at the same time or share the same problems, though we are all connected by how much we have in common too, of course. Weird that.

You start to heal when I listen to you. I’m with you.

I see this as yet another reason to consider the received wisdom and then throw the rule book out the window and go my own way with my life and work. It was ever thus. Rebel, rebel! Such stuff are entrepreneurs made of. It’s been that way for as long as I can remember and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

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