Women of Property Do An Inventory Check on the South Coast

At 8 a.m. today, my friend, colleague & client Jane and I set out to visit our properties on the South Coast. Despite buying the first one in 2005, we had neither of us seen any of them.   We were able only to inspect from the outside in St Leonards on Sea, Worthing & Littlehampton and I am happy to report we found them somewhat more pleasing than we had expected.   We rounded the whole day off with a cracking lunch at the seafront East Beach Cafe. If you find yourself in the vicinity, make sure to have the Cherry Eaton Mess.  Yum.

I am anticipating inspecting all three internally over the next three months as each becomes vacant in turn and debating whether one would turn into a nice weekend retreat at the seaside, or whether to option all three becoming a mortgagor for someone who has a deposit account and can demonstrate they are saving for their own home but cannot get a mortgage right now. If that sounds like you, do please get in touch.

Three Things I am grateful for tonight:

  1. A day where I only had to think about one thing – the property audit
  2. The companionship of a good pal
  3. A project planned, undertaken and successfully completed – albeit 5+ years overdue

Three Things I intend to Manifest:

  1. To continue to make nice homes available to those who need them where that is within my power
  2. An ever-increasingly peaceful life and a long one at that
  3. Lots of fun days out with a goal, with laughter and with thoughtful conversation

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