Women Who Work for Themselves

City Business WomenWomen who work for themselves are wonderful. Men too. Fact.

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

  1. Your pluck in deciding to work for yourself in the first place and then in setting out on paths unknown. It’s scary. You need to be brave. And you are. You are getting braver every day.
  2. Your willingness to learn and ask questions and implement the answers and experiment with finding your own way.
  3. Your preparedness to take risks and fail in small ways so as not to fail in the Big One.
  4. Your GSOH and preparedness to laugh with me and at ourselves.
  5. Your resilience. I was talking to a client yesterday about this very word, her expertise. It means our ability to bounce back.
  6. Your ability to juggle – friends, family, significant other, children, hobbies, health, moving house, extreme self-care, nativity plays and so much more.
  7. Your diligence and punctuality – turning up for weekly check-ins, live Facebook Group, Webex calls and monthly coaching calls. Hardly anyone ever lets me down. You are always where you are supposed to be. You are a (wo)man of your word. I like that.
  8. Your loyalty. Thanks for all the referrals you send my way.
  9. The names you call me. This week’s best one so far is She Who Takes No Prisoners, shortened handily to SWTNP.
  10. Your humour. Oh, did I say that one already?

That’s ten, but it doesn’t stop there. I shall stop there for today for fear of boring the stranger to these digital shores.

I’ve spent the day with clients on Skype, as is my wont. And it’s been delightful. We’ve discussed VAT, how to communicate with your accountant who seems unable to speak plain English, loyalty schemes, growing your list, 2015 plans, designing workshops and other coaching programs, new ideas and how to bring them to market, launching a course, coping with health challenges, and families (at Xmas!).

This is just a random sample of a day in the life of a business coach surrounded by wonderful women who work for themselves. Today’s clients (and everyday’s) are funny, happy, upbeat, downbeat, tearful, exploring, inquisitive and frustrated; all human life is here.

Are you one of those? Would you like to be? I can help. I’d love to help. Let 2015 be when you set out on this path, or build on your achievements from 2014 however insignificant they might look to you right now. I can assure you they are not.

I’m a woman who works for herself and I love it and I hope that shows? I love my clients every day but especially today, little breakthroughs are all around me, live on calls, and in writing in our Facebook groups. I love working for myself and so do/will you. It’s infectious. Join the club!

Your Biz Your Way

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