Do You Need To Be Woo Woo To Be A Client?

Woo WooA new client joined Small Business Big Magic last week and “confessed” to being not very woo woo. Clearly my being woo woo hadn’t put her off because she was a returning client and, although it has been some years since we’ve worked together, she’s kept an eye on me all that time so she’ll know I’m even more woo woo these days, not less. She said:

“I don’t know what is in the air, but having had a terrible week last week, this week everything has clicked into place for me, so a great start to my membership. I’m not the most into the woo-woo stuff, but it was slightly odd that after paying Judith my first month’s £50, I received notification that something of mine would be published, fee £50, the following day. What a great start! It has been a week full of positive vibes and good things happening, which makes me all the more excited to join this community.”

And I replied:

“Dear X, Get this for a little bit of woo woo then. On the day you joined SBBM I lost a client in that group for their own budgetary reasons. That happened at 15.24. You joined at 15.45. In both your illustration and my own, there is never any need for scarcity. This illustrates two things which can be difficult but I see them happen so frequently…when I or any one of us loses a client or anything else for that matter. No need to worry, a new one arrives immediately. You spend fifty quid and think carefully about that investment and are immediately rewarded with £50 incoming. This is how it works, I believe that very firmly. It is difficult keeping the faith sometimes no matter how often I see it happen in my own life and the lives of my clients. But this is the circle, it’s going around and coming around constantly. Our job is to keep it moving, to have a positive expectation of our good arriving and of playing our part. We have to play our part first, whether it is weathering a loss or making an investment, and in so doing we are keeping the fiscal energy on the move.”

And if that’s not woo woo, I don’t know what is!

PS The answer to the question is no, you don’t need to be woo woo to be a client. I am also deeply pragmatic with both feet on the ground in the real world. But I do very much enjoy seeing clients describe positive vibes and good things happening as slightly odd. Not to me they’re not. They are everyday occurrences amongst my clients. Love it.

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