Words: 31 Days of Abundance, Day Nine

Jason MrazI love words, me. I love numbers too. And I’d be hard pressed to choose between the two, honestly. But if I absolutely had to choose, it would be words for me. I think. Words. The written word and the spoken word.

I’ve just come off a telephone call recording a podcast with my old pal Nicola Cairncross for The Business Success Factory during which we gabbled at each other for an hour and I really hope there was some value in it for the listener because I know both she and I had a jolly good time using words at each other, communicating with words.

As I popped into the kitchen to grab myself a quick supper to eat while writing this blog and before rushing out, after a very busy and long day, to the cinema (Jersey Boys, since you ask, thanks) all I could think of was how many words had passed between us in that hour. And how we both love to talk.

And how I love to listen too, to your words, Beloved.

Where would we be without words? Of course, there are times when I wish the whole world would just SHUT UP, but not often, I must say. And almost never in the written word because that’s my ultimate choice, what I read.

I love that all my marketing uses words, mostly written in blogs and newsletters and social media but increasingly the spoken word too in podcasts and expert interviews. Do please ask. I love to talk.

And I love other people’s words. Last month in book club we read Hemingway, Sally’s choice. Wordsmithery of the highest order.

When I was a younger woman, I wanted to be a songwriter, a lyricist to be precise despite being a musoe. Looks easy but it is absolutely impossible so I gave that up pronto. But here’s a song I have been singing to myself while thinking about writing this piece. It’s called You and I Both by Jason Mraz but I call it Words because “I’m all about them words”. And as you read and listen to Jason’s deceptively simple words, remember how hard it is to write a song.

Jason closes by saying he’s “almost finally, finally out of words”. I rather hope that never happens to me. And yet, I am also happy to be wordless, at least from my mouth but perhaps never from my fingers.

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