What to Expect When You Work with This Business Coach/Mentor

business-mentoring1-125What should you expect when you work with a business coach/mentor? No idea! But I do know what you can expect when you work with this one. So, here goes…

We’ll always start with a 1-2-1 induction call in which I can find out all about you. I’ll ask you to tell me all about yourself and all about your business, the one in which it is intended we will work together, at least initially. First time around I will want to know all sorts of details I will probably not need or use but which help me build up a picture of you until we know each other much better, as the coaching relationship builds.

Are you married or single, with or without children, how many/how old, how old are you, where do you live, what have you done before in your life and work, what have you always wanted to do with your life and business, do you have a day job? That sort of thing. The children thing is particularly pertinent because it often impacts on the number of days you can work, childcare permitting.

And I will want to know something about your finances. How are you managing now? How soon do you need your business to make a profit? How much in round thousands per month? What’s our first target? How long have we got to make that happen?

What have you always really really wanted to do but dared to tell no-one before me?

We will decide together whether we will work 1-2-1 or in one of my two coaching groups:

Small Business Big Magic which is currently £50 pcm for all group work after the initial 1-2-1, or

Club 100 which provides group and individual attention, currently at £150 pcm.

Both groups have fantastic online communities for those that want it. Not everyone does, there’s no requirement to play nicely with others and it is entirely your choice. What I do notice is that those who turn up to everything achieve better results. Play full out. Always.

I will follow you on social media, keeping an eye on all you do, without stalking you. I will Like stuff I like so that you know I’ve seen what’s going on as it saves us time on our calls. I will read your blogs and comment where appropriate, share when I know my tribe will appreciate them too. I may offer feedback on your social media output and newsletters when I have anything of value. I will Tweet and RT you.

I will be punctual, respectful and reliable and I will expect the same professional courtesy from you. Life happens and I will warn you in advance when my life is happening in any way which threatens to interrupt any arrangements we’ve made to speak or meet. Please do the same wherever possible. Notice is appreciated.

I will care about you and love you and your business and appreciate your personal qualities as you bring them to your work and help you to grow as a business owner and step up where new skills need to be learned or existing skills strengthened. You are already better than you know, trust me. It is part of my job to get you to see that so that you become more confident in your own knowledge and instincts.

I will be at least 100% available in group and 1-2-1 calls and emails as offered in each group. Do keep in touch; don’t be a stranger. Never hesitate to ask. I will accommodate whatever I can. Not many requests, if any, go unheeded round here. Just ask.

I will play with you and other members in secret Facebook Groups, helping, advising, encouraging, supporting and meeting you “live” on Facebook on Monday afternoons 2-4 GMT if you are a member of club 100.

I will have a strong desire to hear about, celebrate and share your successes and keep to myself anything you don’t want shared.

I may encourage you to come to the edge – and leap off, now and again. I may even push a little, if required! I will also be your cheerleader and confidante. I am the iron fist in the velvet glove, she who takes no prisoners (sometimes). Sometimes I can be a tad direct. Do not take it personally unless it is intended – er – personally! Don’t take offence is what I mean. No offence is ever intended.

I will have complete faith in your goals, dreams, intentions and ambitions – and let you know if I do not so that we are both aligned with your desired outcomes. I may also let you know when I notice you do not share my faith.

I will have the ability to pivot on a sixpence if/when you change your mind about anything or everything. It happens.

I will trust and empower you to “drive” our business relationship and ask for what you want. Some want less from me, just a damned good listening to. Some want to be taught how to run a business. Some want me to shut up, some are un-coachable and some just want to pick my brains. There is no normal. I am your business coach/mentor. I will do my best to meet your expectations if I know what they are so please tell me. However, it is the true meeting of minds and energies which co-creates the magic, just you and me together.

I am a human being which means sometimes I may get it wrong. If I notice, I will apologise. If I don’t notice for any reason, please tell me, I will apologise and, either way, I will do my part to ensure we will fix it and move on swiftly, together if possible.

Sometimes we won’t be a good fit and one or other of us will notice first and draw it to the other’s attention, that’s fine too. That also happens, not often but it does. I am a poor judge of character. I love everyone. Sometimes I get you wrong. Sometimes that works the other way around too.

I’m a little bit woo woo; no, that’s wrong, I’m quite a lot woo woo (alternative). I will bring that and encourage it in you. It’s not a requirement. If it’s a turnoff and you are a non-believer, say so and I will revert to accountant/businesswoman/wise old bird.

What do you want from YOUR business coach/mentor and how can I help?

Your Biz Your Way

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