Working on Saturdays

coffee-498806_640I’ve written before about Why I Love Working on Saturday Mornings but felt inspired to do so again today because last weekend someone thanked me for being available on Saturdays.

I have Fridays off, mostly. I always take time off in lieu during the week if I am working weekends, and I encourage all my clients to do the same. We must have enough rest and relaxation to be at our best with our work and with our clients.

And Saturdays are useful for my clients who are busy in the week, or still have day jobs. It would be bonkers not to be available to those people and I certainly wouldn’t do it if I didn’t want to. It just makes logical sense and I am nothing if not logical, me.

I could wax lyrical about Saturdays. I think you could wake up on any given morning when you’d lost count of where you are in the week (easy to do as a self-employed person) and know it was a Saturday just by the exciting feel of leisurely luxury, the expanse of time which is all your own to spend as you choose. And I choose to spend part of it with clients.

I tell you who else books in on Saturdays, people who like to have a lie in. So I schedule my availability to start at 11 a.m. I must admit I am partial to a lie-in too but the strange thing about Saturdays is that, when they come round, I don’t want to lie-in! I tend to want to do that on dark wintry Mondays instead.

These are all hangovers from when I was at school and when I had a day job. Saturdays lovely. Mondays bad. And the really weird thing is that it is more than  forty years since I did either of those things and I did neither of them very long, relatively speaking. That’s really effective mind control, isn’t it? Conditioning which stays with you throughout your life, until you review it and make choices which suit you better now.

I am so pleased that Saturdays give me the opportunity to give those who like a lie-in, and those who like a lie-in because they are knackered from their day jobs, a chance to create a better life through pursuing their own work ambitions and creativity.

Then, once they do that, they’ll find themselves in the place I often do when people ask me what I am doing at the weekend. I find it a very strange and difficult question to answer because I don’t do anything different at weekends to what I do in the week.

I just please myself.

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