Worried About Money? We ALWAYS Have Enough

debtIn my former life as an accountant, a couple of clients killed themselves over their concerns about money, the VAT man’s threats, the business pressures and cashflow or lack thereof. It was dreadful. I was a lot younger then and I was deeply affected by both deaths, I even went to the funeral of one. I remember thinking “it’s only money” and coming to understand what that really means, but many people feel deeply stressed by financial matters and even shame. Our lives are worth so much more than that.

A life lived in scarcity gets a bit grim, no doubt about it. But I have some cheering news for worrywarts. Well, I think it’s cheering and I have been known to lie awake at night worrying about (lack of) money too. Plenty of times. I’m an entrepreneur after all and it does seem to go with the territory sometimes. I know I seem to many to wilfully put myself in that perilous place through my life choices and financial decisions.

So here goes with my four cheering thoughts about money for today.

Cheering Thought #1

Worrying about money doesn’t help. If you worry about money and lose sleep and equilibrium over its lack, no more money appears as a direct result of that, but you are less well equipped to deal with your financial and other challenges. The same cannot necessarily be said of worrying about anything else. Sometimes you worry yourself into a solution with other things. But it is not possible to worry yourself into more money. You are pushing it away. You go to bed with an overdraft and bills you cannot pay, you worry, and you wake up in exactly the same financial place but very definitely in less good a shape emotionally. Thus, worrying about money is harmful. Stop it immediately. Good rest is essential to a healthy life.

That’s easy for me to say. So, how do you stop worrying about (lack of) money then? Focus on the good stuff. Be grateful for what you do have. Take up some calming spiritual practice like yoga, or deep breathing, or meditation, or EFT/tapping, or daily journaling. If you are awake in the night, get up and DO something, don’t just lie there worrying. You attract more of whatever vibe you are putting out. Worry. Fear. Lack. Debt.

Cheering Thought #2

We have always had enough. Ergo we will always have enough. OK, it’s probably not as much as you would like right now, but it has always been enough if you think about it. ¬†Enough to feed yourself and your family and keep yourself warm and clean and clothed and rested and loved and healthy. We will always manifest enough. If you are struggling with debts and other fiscal problems, you will want to be creating more. But for now, just in this moment, choose to be peaceful; you have enough, you have always had enough, you will always have enough. Take heart. Breathe.

Watch this 11-minute movie by Lynne Twist all the way to the end and watch it as often as you need to, until you get that point, ingest it until it becomes who you are. Lynne offers lots of enlightening concepts in that thought-provoking eleven minutes.

Cheering Thought #3

I’ve worked with lots of people and their money and financial issues over the decades and I’ve had lots of money issues myself through both recessions in my life and this is what I know as a result of all of that. Money comes into our lives and it goes out again. It ebbs and flows; as Lynne says in that movie, it’s an energy. It’s always there (or not) to teach us something about ourselves. And this I can categorically tell you… though I may have worried about my own lack, I am still here. And though I may have been concerned, at times, for you or others about your lack or theirs, you are all still here too.

I remember one or two clients over the years, not many, mind, when I have said (to myself and somewhat in despair) “I don’t know what to say or do with this one. They have no time, no ideas, nothing to leverage, no equity, no income, no energy, no savings, no investments and no hope of achieving any of those things”. And guess what? They are still here too. You don’t die because you don’t have money unless you allow yourself to become ill through worry, see above. You abide. You go on living. You find a way. You muddle through. You survive. Things do get better.

Cheering Thought #4

This is my last cheering thought about money for today, though I have lots more up my sleeve. This cheering thought is both cheery and scary at the same time. My Woo Woo-ier friends tell me – and I am learning to believe them more and more every day – that money doesn’t come in advance of you needing it. My life is now a testament to this. I sometimes wish it was otherwise because I am a hoarder and a planner and I like to Be Prepared, dib, dib, dib. But it doesn’t work like that.

This is how it works. Money comes in just in time, only when you actually need it. Right at the wire. Often after you have abandoned hope and surrendered to your angels, the Big U or what Dave Allen would have called Your God. Surrender is the key issue, asking for help. Someone or something always comes along. I go right to the wire several times a year and often I worry, I confess. But it always comes. It always comes. IT ALWAYS COMES. It doesn’t come in advance but it comes from somewhere at the 59th minute of the 11th hour. Always. Every time. One hundred percent. If you will ask, and trust.

We ALWAYS have enough. Get to understand Lynne Twist’s concept of enough and you will see that she is right and you too do have enough, you always have had and therefore it follows that you always will. And if that doesn’t make you peaceful, I don’t know what will.


I do have more thoughts and recommendations about books and resources which will change how you are with money. Do use the Contact form to email me in strict confidence about your own money worries. A problem shared is a problem halved.


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  1. Frank Jurga says:

    And if you have a pile of debts and loans and credit card bills that you just cannot pay, Judith is correct – you ain’t gonna die. In my working life I have had hundreds of opportunities to tell tell people that there is no such thing as debtors gaol any more and no-one lines you up against a wall and shoots you. It is clear that you won’t end up in prison and you ain’t gonna die. If you can’t cope with overwhelming debts, there are brilliant solutions out there and I won’t bore you with them here. Rule No 1 – don’t you or your friends in trouble ever suffer in silence – call a caring professional.