Help! I’m Worried About Money – What Would You Do?

Stressed Over MoneyHelp! I’m worried about money, Judith, specifically not having enough of it. What would you do?

One of my clients asked me this on Friday. She was much more elegant in her phrasing of the question which was all about lack of cashflow and obsession with only working on things which would bring in money. What would I advise? I’ve done a lot of work on these topics over the years, and not always by choice, and my caller wanted to know what I do when I find myself in a skint place of scarcity and lack and fears about money.

This is one of my very favourite topics and I waxed lyrical for perhaps longer than I should. Here are the things I do:

1. Enormous amounts of personal development; woo woo, basically, from prayer to affirmations to journaling and way beyond, to anything which gets me and keeps me in a good, upbeat place. I look at what my clients do and I sometimes get a bit cross that they are better at manifesting money than I am. I notice what they do that works and I copy it to see if it will work for me and for my other clients.

2. I get absolute clarity about what I DO want rather than focusing on what I don’t e.g. lack, debt, anxiety-producing thoughts of large bills with no apparent means to pay them, although I have also been known to cry a self-pitying tear at this point too. And I consult various oracles and soothsayers and I notice I am much more likely to do this when in lack than when in abundance. Make of that what you will.

3. Then I focus on that. I focus on what I want. I trust that it will download (eventually) from divine escrow and I get out of the way whilst at the same time doing all that I can with all that I have from where I am. I go to work, but from a place of abundance not lack.

4. And I hold the faith. We don’t die from shortage of money, or debt. And it all turns around in the end, as we all know because generally an inquiry like this doesn’t come from someone who has never known hardship.  We’ve all weathered enough cycles of boom and bust to know that they are just that; we are in our place on the cycle right now and that cycle just goes on turning.

At this point my client agreed that yes she had been further up (and further down) before, but that she felt she had to stick to making money rather than robbing time to be working on manifesting-type of activities.  I advised that you have to do both, finding an extra hour a day to do the woo woo. I find time for this every day, up or down. I write my journal in the present tense, as if all my dreams had come true already, and I begin each line with I AM as taught to me by Wayne Dyer in Wishes Fulfilled.

I AM invokes the divine in us all, call it what you will… God, Source, Spirit, The Big U, the infinite energy which connects us all. Specifically Wayne Dyer teaches that God’s name is I AM That I AM and it says that in the bible but you don’t have to pay any attention to that at all if you don’t want to, you just have to write I AM rich beyond my wildest dreams, I am, I am, I am. Or whatever you like. Here are some of mine:

  • I AM a multi-millionaire
  • I AM lucky, I AM so lucky
  • I AM grateful
  • I am abundant, prosperous and wealthy
  • I AM successful
  • I AM a winner
  • I AM rich and healthy and happy and peaceful
  • I AM loving living in the sunshine on my Caribbean island, fearless and debt free
  • I AM the owner of all my homes OUTRIGHT
  • I AM loving what I do – coaching and writing, writing and coaching
  • I AM The Small Business Oracle
  • I AM making £1,000 (or something better) each time I send out a newsletter
  • I AM awash with clients who pay me what I’m worth
  • Something wonderful comes of blogging 365 (I just throw this one in for good measure!)

These are broadly the same principles I learned in a book called Write it down, Make it Happen by Henriette Anne Klauser. I have a client who does this, it works so I copy her. I have another client who falls out of the manifestation process when she focuses too much on the money. If you look down when you are on the tightrope, or become too self-aware, you fall off and it all stops working. So be prepared to play in the magic.

Get clear. Learn to trust, put it aside knowing it will come and that you will be looked after and meanwhile do all that you can, see above.  This is a nice balance of I’m in trust, I know what I want, I’m doing my bit and help will come. You are doing your bit, aren’t you? Don’t leave that part out. Don’t let fear incapacitate you. Get to work.

In the last three years I’ve been practising and experimenting with this, coming to the edge over and over and being more and more daring and what did I discover? I’ve never yet fallen off the edge and I’ve always been taken care of. Money has always come, not necessarily from directions I would have anticipated or chosen, but it HAS always come. It’s been terrifying at times but I’ve never fallen off the edge and something always comes. Something Always Comes. I cannot stress that too strongly.

The Universe almost plays with me; it tempts me further and further and more and more frighteningly to the edge and always sends me something with a wry smile, almost as if saying to me “how often do we have to do that before you realise that you are loved and will always be provided for? You can bank on us, Judith.”

I am 59 and I’ve been self-employed since I was 22. How much more proof do I need that, however tough it gets, I am never going to run out of money? I am almost shouting at myself in exasperation as I share this story with my client. It is un-effing-believable that I seem to need so much proof of the all-consuming love and abundance in which I am held.

We pause in our conversation, for laughter. If I’ve always been alright, I will always be alright. OK, it might not be as great as I would like at any one particular point of pain. My client has medical bills. I would like to do lots of things round here with even larger dollops of abundance – re-decorate throughout and put in a wet room, as an example – there’s always something and yet we are also still alright.

The worry is a real bad thing. The need and the anxiety and the desperation is wrong. And all that does is bring you more of that, more need and anxiety and desperation. We have to turn it on its head. And the Universe still continues to play with me. For example, when the gardener came on Thursday I wasn’t sure if that was a luxury, but between my booking him at the weekend and his turning up on Thursday, two complete strangers paid enough into my PayPal account to pay for him. That’s how it works. Every time. Oh Judith, how much more proof do you need?

It sometimes seems to me that I need and want endless proof because I am an accountant and a Taurean and I need reserves and a safety net and all of these sensible things. But it just doesn’t work like that. The Universe sends it to you when you need it and not before, and the Big U knows you don’t need a surplus, that’s just your ego.

Now, you’ve got to do sensible things as well. You’ve got to do debt repayment programmes and savings plans and contingencies but we haven’t all got all of those all of the time and we’re still alright. So trust is the answer to the question and abiding in a more expansive place of possibility. As soon as we sink into need, we close up and it all gets difficult and tense and that’s repellent, not attractive.

At this point my client confessed that she felt obliged to accept work that makes her soul wither, just for the money, and we both agreed that sort of thing turns off the flow from the tap of abundance. I told her I thought this was the Big U playing another trick. To make sure you are absolutely clear about what you want, they do what I call The Last Temptation of Judith after the film of (approximately) the same name.

The Big U sends you something you don’t want as a clarifier. And if you take it then you just make a mess of the whole deal. “I thought you said you wanted Y? We’ve just sent you X and you grabbed it. WRONG! You failed the test. Now we don’t know what to send you!” You don’t know what you want and you’ll be happy with ****. I exaggerate for effect, as always, but I’m right in principle. You have to turn away the wrong things, however “desperate” you think you feel. Hold out for what you really want. You got clear, remember?

Next my client interrogated me about my own financial forecasting, asking ‘Does it ever get depressing?” I reassured her that however mad I sound in my explanations of the woo woo, it obviously doesn’t pay to be too bonkers and it is good to keep at least one eye on the spreadsheet, planning and forecasting, marketing and selling.  And then we wondered about what if we could take our foot off that gas pedal too.

I listen to my heart by H. HoldenI explained that in Rich Dad’s game, Cashflow 101, I teach the players to work out what they want and throw the dice with that in mind, intent upon that they really want. And that works, because I tell them it will and they believe me. But I also have a colleague who does it precisely the opposite way. She doesn’t think what she wants because she knows the Universe has got her back and will send her whatever is right for her. Does that work? asked my client. Yes, of course it does, because she believes it. You pays your money and you takes your choice between the methods, or you invent your hybrid own and test until you find your way that works for you.

I explained my one simple spreadsheet and how I use it and told her I sometimes have several months or even more of surplus in the bank and sometimes it gets a bit close to the wire. When it gets a bit close to the wire, I get into a marketing frenzy but if I let my desperation leak, nobody buys.

I told her that last month three clients ran out of money and asked if they could pay me twice as much this month and I told her you have to say “Yes, that’s absolutely fine, even if you are thinking SHIT!” and we laughed again as I told her that the moment you dip into scarcity it all goes to hell in a hand basket as you watch your abundance run off down the street and turn the corner with nary a backward glance or regret or apologetic wave. It’s like letting the plug out of the sink and watching it all just drain away. It’s gone. And now you’ve got to tempt it back, turn on the tap, get back into flow by doing your bit, from clarity and in trust.

Even as I was saying all of this I know too that I have a choice about every single aspect of it. Sometimes a client will ask for payment terms I cannot afford to accept and so I say so. I want to strike a balance between being available to clients and being paid what I am worth and being able to experiment with giving and receiving and tithing with generosity and abundance. As I said, it is an experiment and one which I have chosen and I’m really up for. And, as another client remarked this morning, it’s fun.

And I ended our discussion with one final thought. When I catch myself sitting over an over-heating laptop refreshing PayPal and inbox and my bank account, then that’s the time to leave the building. Don’t push it, don’t force it. Allow. Do your work in trust, remember? Allow abundance to come to you. Power -v- Force. Leave the building, do something lovely (and free or inexpensive!). Go for a walk or a drive or a swim or a cup of coffee, do some gardening, do something/anything else for a change and when you nip back to the laptop later, something lovely will have popped in, or you’ll have received divine inspiration to try something else, something which’ll work this time.

If you worry about money at night, if lack and fear is keeping you awake, try EFT. Nice things to do in the middle of the night include tapping, reading on a completely different topic, saying the I AMs including ‘I AM sleeping’ and then guess what?

We’re all alright really, it’s just what we think about it that’s the problem and what we think about it is always a C.H.O.I.C.E.

I’ve given you lots of different strategies here, I hope you’ll give ’em a go and let me know what magical results you manifest and what ka-chings into your PayPal account.

In this moment, you are alright, and you are only ever in this moment.

Your Biz Your Way

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