Worried About Not Knowing Your Life Purpose?

Adam LeipzigOver the weekend I found this nifty little ten-minute video which some kind friend shared on Facebook. It’s a TEDx one and the speaker is movie and theatre producer¬†Adam Leipzig. He has five quick questions to help you find your Life Purpose and turn it into your personal elevator pitch while you are about it.

The five questions you get to answer are:

  1. Who are you?
  2. What do you do?
  3. Who do you do it for?
  4. What do those people want or need?
  5. And how do they change or transform as a result?

This chimes with wisdom shared by Dr Robert Holden and Michael Neill who demonstrated to a friend and client of mine that we are already living our life purpose. Apparently this is a question which vexes many, so much so that no fewer than 151,928 books on Amazon reference how to live your life purpose according to Mr Leipzig and I’ve no reason to disbelieve him.

He asks us to notice too that only two of the five questions are about us. Three fifths of the formula is outward facing. Happy people are outward facing in his observation and he invites us to focus on how we serve first, before we concern ourselves with how we are served. “Make other people happy, make them feel well taken care of and secure.” Works for me every time. I find it turns into a sort of virtuous circle in that the energy I put out returns to me and on goes the cycle again, like the figure of eight infinity symbol.

So here are my answers to Adam’s questions for today. I reserve the right to change them later, of course.

  1. Judith Morgan
  2. I’m a Business Coach and Entrepreneur Mentor, the Small Business Oracle
  3. Female work-at-home solopreneurs
  4. Help, advice, support, inspiration, community, cheer-leading, validation, knowledge, how to, acceleration, someone to believe in them and give them a damned good listening to, someone who cares about their success at least as much as they do
  5. They become stronger, more self-confident, profitable business owners. They grow into small business survivors with a robust reliable regular income. They make more money, they grow in confidence, self-belief and skills and they feel secure. They become able businesswomen.

Next Mr L says we must get that condensed, the last part, into something we can say when people ask “what do you do?” and for now I’ll stick with my strapline: “I teach Money-Making Magic to Enlightened Entrepreneurs”.

Here’s the video, I hope you enjoy it. What’s your Life Purpose?

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  1. Judith Morgan says:

    Ooh, thanks Sally. Good tip, have added that book to my Wish List. So much to read, so little time!

  2. Lovely article, Judith. Thank you for sharing the video. It made me think of one of my all time favourite books “The Soul’s Code” by James Hillman, an archetypal psychologist who suggested that there’s a seed in all of us which is often evident as we are children which reveals our destiny, our life purpose. It’s by discovering and following that seed, that passion deep within us, that we can become true individuals happy and fulfilled in being who we truly are.