Podcast Ep 73: Worrier to Warrior

Together with my former business partner from The Money Gym, Nicola Cairncross, we’ve created a regular weekly podcast which is called Own It! Your Business and Your Life. If you enjoy audio, give us a listen. New episodes are published every Friday. You might also join our Facebook Group where we debate matters arising from each episode, and/or Like our Facebook Page where we publish each episode as it goes live each week. You can also subscribe at iTunes.


confidence-589037_640In episode 73 we discuss the negative emotions and fears which go with self-employment and with life. Are you running a constant low-level soundtrack of anxiety and guilt and does it reduce your happiness? If so, what can you do about it? We discuss noticing, naming and releasing certain unhelpful emotions, letting go, choosing a preferred identity and getting grounded.  We also decide to become brave fearless warrior princesses!

I advance the theory that this isn’t an either/or, i.e. perhaps the soundtrack will always be with you and you can choose to be happy anyway. You can definitely learn techniques to turn down the noise of your fears. Didn’t you have this soundtrack running even when you had a job, albeit the messages might have been different. Are we just worriers? How about going from worrier to warrior? I think being a warrior all the time would be equally exhausting but just in a different way. I suspect I am inured to my own soundtrack now but I think it is always there and that we’ve learned to peacefully co-exist, me and my soundtrack.

In other news we talk about Steve’s funeral in the sunshine and the lovely day out we had, how Nicola’s children think I’m “sick” which is a good thing apparently.  I’m cool with it either way. We choose (virtual) Friendship and Bittersweet as our words of the week and describe why, Nicola talks about new routes to very affordable clicks using video ads and blog post ads on Facebook, we dream up the idea for an Own It telesummit and talk about Snapchat (natch), Judi Dench still winning awards for her acting at the age of 81, and The Durrells on ITV on Sunday nights.

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