Would You Like A Proper Business?

A Proper Business?   What’s one of them, then?

This is the dilemma for those of us who are in business, entrepreneurs all, we just can’t help ourselves, starting businesses all over the shop.   But some of us have discovered the pain of running our own businesses and sold them, and busted ourselves back to self-employed.   I know many clients past and present who have extricated themselves from businesses which they had ceased to love for many reasons, including but not limited to:

  • No life
  • No money
  • No peace of mind
  • No time

Done wrong, your own small business can swallow you whole without even a hiccup.

Have you started your business yet or are you thinking of starting one?

If so, or you are hovering on the cusp of that, what can you expect from A Proper Business?

  • Firstly, a decent living doing what you love
  • Then, an idea with legs which you might choose to replicate
  • Something that works whether or not you turn in for work
  • Something which supports the life you want to live
  • A business you might licence to others to make money for themselves AND for you
  • An asset you can sell when the time is right

And once you know how to do that, painlessly and profitably, you can do it over and over again – and it gets easier every time.

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