Would YOU Like To Be A Better Blogger?

Would you like to be a Better Blogger?  If so, you might be interested in taking part in a pilot project I have co-created with Marion Ryan of OnlineBusinessGym for the month of February.

We are inviting people who are serious about improving the quality and quantity of their blogging to commit to:


  • Blogging three times a week on their own blog
  • Subscribing to (and reading!) the blog posts of the other participants in the project
  • Commenting where appropriate on each others’ blogs
  • Actively participating in the Better Blogging Google Group where Marion and I will support, encourage, give you ideas for your writing, and provide accountability.

Our ideal blogger is one who knows (s)he should be blogging more for her business and fails to find the time or ideas. Your blogging spirit is willing but your flesh is weak.   Perhaps you think your writing isn’t good enough yet, or you are worried about what the virtual world will think, or you have other blocks which stand between you and your blog post.    We can help.

As a pilot programme, it’s completely free to join and we may not be able to take all comers so here’s what we’d like you to do:

1.   Email marion[at]marionryan.com AND judithmorgan[at]judithmorgan.com and tell us why you would like to join our pilot.

2.   Tell us what you struggle with when it comes to your blog (write as little or much as you like here).

3.   Tell us you are committed to building a 3-times-per-week blog habit.

We will let you know you are in and give you immediate access to the Google Group plus instructions on how to get going. We’ll be sending you a list of participants’ blogs and asking you each week to spend 15 – 20 minutes on those blogs performing some simple task (e.g. subscribing, commenting etc) which will improve your blogging and your blog presence and online reach.

February starts this Wednesday so you have only today and tomorrow to jump in if you’re interested.  Don’t delay, reply now as above by emailing Marion and me.

Let Marion & Judith help you to become a Better Blogger!

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