Wouldn’t It Be Nice If…

Hot-Air-Balloons-throwing-off-ballast-150x150I am a student of the Law of Attraction. For me, this all started way back with The Attractor Factor by Joe Vitale, followed up with The Secret, and a book by Esther and Jerry Hicks called Ask and It Is Given, recommended to me by none other than Wayne Dyer himself.

Although I love the LOA stuff and believe in it, I am equally aware that it is possible to come across as a bit bonkers to non-believers when I talk about attracting success, rather than – say – working hard for it, especially as someone who has found that working hard has brought me great results in my life, so this was radical for me at first.

It’s the difference between pushing hard uphill all the way for something you want and simply allowing it to appear in your life.

Michael Neill’s view is that it is about vibrations, good vibrations. Michael doesn’t believe in attraction as a tool for acquisition (a bigger house, more money, an even hunkier boyfriend etc). He believes in vibrating at a level which will bring you more good stuff, and according to Michael it works like this.

Check in with how you are feeling about something going on in your life right now and notice where you are on a scale which goes: apathy – grief – fear – lust – anger – pride – courage – acceptance – peace – love.

If you find you are in the apathy – grief – fear – lust – anger – pride range of feelings, acknowledge them, tune into them, and choose to let them go either by embracing them, or literally imagining those feelings leaving you. Repeat until you can feel the feelings of courage – acceptance – peace – love.

Michael talks of raising your vibrations as a conscious act, throwing off “ballast” until you find yourself in a place of ease and fun, and allowing good things to happen.

I hope it’s obvious that the opposite is also true: the more you dwell in the bad feelings, the more bad stuff you attract.

My friend and colleague, Marion Ryan, has her own favourite piece of advice taken from the Abraham-Hicks work. When it seems like a stretch to manifest your dreams, she recommends working with “wouldn’t it be nice if…” and Marion once told me a lovely story about a plane taking off immediately, the roadworks being clear all the way on the drive home from the airport, the babysitter not minding her being late – a whole chain of events she had brought into being starting with “wouldn’t it be nice if…”.

Mike Dooley teaches “Thoughts Become Things: Choose the Good Ones”, by which he means what we think about we get more of and I was thrilled to see a sports psychologist interviewed during the London 2012 Olympics advocating precisely this strategy.

You know how this works in your own life – if you think about your debts, you get more – if you think about being fat, slim is definitely not the outcome, if you dwell on how miserable you are in your work, you don’t get more joy at the office. And so on.

So, how about a little experiment? Have a go at Michael’s thing of regularly checking in on your feelings, embracing them until they move up the scale towards peace and love, aiming to vibrate at your highest level at all times.

You need to be conscious to do this – so keep an eye out for all those things you do which stop you from feeling your feelings – keeping busy, drinking/smoking/eating/shopping/sleeping/surfing the web etc., overworking – and take some time for yourself to check in with your feelings regularly. Consider setting an alarm (a nice quiet prompt, ideally) at intervals in your day.

When you notice yourself dwelling on the downside of something, try Marion’s “wouldn’t it be nice if…” trick and let me know how you get on.

I’m picking up Good Vibrations, its giving me excitations.   Wouldn’t it be nice if you could conjure up the good feelings that music recalls even if you will never be a teenager again? And what if you get so good at this and you could do it at will? Wouldn’t that be nice?

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