Writing Down My Soul

Between Christmas and New Year I was idly (as opposed to purposefully) casting about for resources to help me shape my 2018. My brief included these words:

I am looking for something spooky, the more woo-woo the better. Something new. Something we’ve not done before and something where I feel I have no idea what’s going on, but I trust it to do its magic; I will write some things down and let them underpin my 2018 and be amazed and delighted when they manifest, that sort of vibe! 

Gillian was inspired when she suggested a book by Janet Conner which, in turn, led me to Janet’s Writing Down Your Soul: How to Activate and Listen to the Extraordinary Voice Within.

Typically, I’ve gone off half-cocked. I haven’t finished reading the book but I am doing the thing anyway, and the thing is daily journaling in a way which is similar to and yet very different from Morning Pages (for which many thanks, Julia Cameron).

So that means I’m not doing it right, though as I am on Day 24 and a bit more because I started early (again, typical) I am starting to do it righter.

I pledged to turn up at approximately the same time every day. I haven’t.  I am finding the desire and the resistance equally strong which, in itself, is very odd for me; clearly, my soul has messages for me I am not quite ready to hear. I have done it every day but not “first thing” as I said I would. I often encourage my clients to get up earlier if they want to squeeze in a New Thing, but honestly… who wants to do that in dark January? Not me.

I do love my proper fountain pen gliding over the pages of the pink notebook I acquired especially for this project, although Janet reminds me this isn’t what it’s about either. Still, it’s a bonus.

I do go through the motions and some of the pieces of the recommended ritual of lighting a candle, reading something spiritually uplifting before I start, plus breathing deeply and setting my intention etc., but I am aware that I am still only going through the motions. I skip the candle bit often, various candly-reasons I don’t need to trouble you with here.

I write the date. And the salutation (I have chosen Dear Beloved) and I write. A bit. Janet says that what happens is that initially I write and The Voice listens. Then later I  listen and The Voice writes.

But I notice something IS happening. Of late my prayers have turned into thank you letters. I am thanking Spirit for healing and abundance.

And I noticed something else too – there’s a companion journal/retail therapy opportunity which I have just banged on my wishlist; OMG. Want that. And whilst I was doing that I noticed I could continue reading the book on Audible. Now there’s an idea.

This is a forever project. You do it forever. I plan to do it forever. Even though I’m not perfect and it isn’t “working” yet, I know both of those will eventually change and all I have to do is keep showing up, and I’m always up for that.

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