Wrong Way Round

Wrong Way RoundAs you may have read in my newsletter today, one of my lovely clients reminded me of something I learned while working with him in November. I determined that day to write a blog post about it, but it is rather difficult to explain and so his December call came and went without my having found a way to write it.

But today is the day, not least because another beloved client brought up a different iteration of exactly the same ‘problem’.

We are doing things the wrong way round.   Let me explain.

N wants to do one reasonably exciting thing so that he can create a life which gives him plenty of time to do a terrifically exciting thing. My view is that he should start with the terrifically exciting thing and, in the process, opportunities for the other will simply show up, effortlessly.

A writes that she would like clarity and direction before she takes any action. Oh, if only! Who could blame her? Me too…but it simply doesn’t work that way round.

If we take action, any action, we create clarity and discover our direction and magnetise everything we want. It’s kinetic. I really don’t think it matters how small the action, as long as you DO something. A just so happens to be doing some very nice little things which I feel certain constitute the beginning of a direction and a clearing of the mists, she just can’t see it yet. Fair enough. Perspective is hard from the inside.

Many solopreneur clients have long periods of time where they are frozen in this and other similarly uncomfortable places. And t’s OK, despite them beating themselves up about it, which is never pleasant. It’s OK because we all pull through, it’s just part of the process.

Everything is perfect, just exactly as it is. Even when it doesn’t look like it or feel like it. Perhaps especially then.

As ever, I am going to have to ask you again to trust me on this one. My viewpoint is born of experience, not only my personal experience but also watching and working with you all and making a mental note. That mental note is getting rather long now and it has accumulated plenty of evidence along the way.

If everything is confusing and you feel foggy and directionless and things don’t seem to be dropping into your lap, try doing it the other way around instead. Trying doing B first, or C or D. We can always come back to A, although probably all we’ll need to do for A to show up is allow it.

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