Young Entrepreneurs and Bold Achievers in North London

bold achieversLast night I went up to Holloway at the invitation of Action Jackson to talk to his group of young people who are Bold Achievers, at their monthly Raise Your Game meeting.

They are a Mastermind team, keeping each other accountable to their goals each month and the meeting starts with celebrating high points and acknowledging lows.

Jackson and Junior have achieved a very nice family feel to the meetings. All are welcome and everyone is very polite, encouraging and supportive to each other. It was a joy to talk to these enthusiastic up-and-coming success stories in the making. They were all very creative and talented.

Here, Bold Achievers, is a link to everything I promised you:

I am sending Jackson some more million pound notes so make sure you attend next month to get yours if you didn’t get one last night. Or, if you can’t wait, you can buy them here from the shop at Enjoy! Put them in your wallets and purses where they are visible each time you open them, to keep you accountable to your financial dreams and goals.  Or stick one or more onto your Vision Board if you have one. You have a Vision Board, don’t you?

Here’s a link I use almost every day to some affirmations for wealth. These have been created by Sandy Forster and they have been very powerful for me indeed.    Download them and use as often as you can and let me know what results and changes show up – and how fast!

Here’s a link to a 40-Day Abundance Programme I think you’ll like too. I have just completed it for the first time and have started over to do it for a second time. I have a feeling I may keep it on auto-repeat forever as it keeps me in my abundance zone.   I manifest more and more and easily too and I recognise that I am the Source of my abundance.

Here’s the video I told you about from Lynne Twist who talks about the Soul of Money. This is where I go if I ever feel scarce. What’s money really for?

There are more gift resources available to you if you join my website – tip sheets and inspirational information-packed audios. It will also give us a chance to stay connected. Just hit the second tab up there on the nav bar called Join Now and a few seconds later you will be downloading freebies.

I mentioned Wealth Dynamics, the profiling system. You can read more about that at  When you get around to taking the test one day, send me your results and let me help you interpret them and get into your flow.

You requested a list of books I recommend to read around on the topic of money and wealth creation. Here we go…

  • Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki
  • Money Gym: The Wealth Building Workout by Nicola Cairncross
  • Wildly Wealthy Fast by Sandy Forster
  • The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber (if you want to run your own business)
  • The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J. Stanley
  • The One-Minute Millionaire by Mark Victor Hansen and Robert Allen

There are so many wonderful and inspirational books on this topic. Let me know when you’ve read those and I’ll send you another list.

Bold Achievers, could I ask a few favours in return please?

  1. Keep in touch by following me on Twitter @JudithMorgan. Thanks to those who’ve already done that so quickly.
  2. All those beautiful photographers last night, do you have any better images than mine? If so, could you email me one or two and I will replace that one above which is not David’s best work!
  3. I launched a new online magazine for Entrepreneurs, small business people and the self-employed just recently. Would you join the site to keep up and read the inspirational contributions and join in the debate? We’d love you to contribute a guest post too.   It’s called EntrepreneurSoul and it’s aimed at people just like you and me all over the world. Do please spread the word, grab a free badge for your own website and blog. Do you blog? Let me know and I can publish a piece from you. Use the form on the Contribute page to upload your own copy, photo and bio and a link to your own site.

Thanks and love to you all.   And here’s to your Bold Achievements!  Judith x

Young Entrepreneurs and Bold Achievers in North London

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  1. Judith Morgan says:

    Congrats, Junior. As you know, it’s doing the work that counts. Let me know how it goes, OK? I am doing it a second time around, I loved it so much!

  2. Junior says:

    Starting the recommended 40 day abundance challenge today, thanks Judith!! your amazing.

  3. Honoured for my book to be among the Top 6 still, and would like to give all of Action’s people a free copy. Just click the link above and it will be yours in nanoseconds! What a great name Action has btw – love that a LOT! Love to all, Nicola x

  4. Bianca Tait says:

    Vison Boards and affirmations are extremely powerful, I can vouch for that and doing the Wealth Profile is a real eye opener to understanding ones own motivations and how we work as well as others. I can attest to these 100%.

    Sounds like a great time was had!

  5. Jan says:

    Truly inspirational post for entrepreneurs young and old. Plus a mine of information to grow your abundance.

    Looks like an amazing group too, good luck with your ventures.

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