Self-Employment: Your 365 Opportunity

365 DaysWhen I was in the shower this morning, I thought I would write to you today about self-employment and how it is your challenge 365 days of the year. Then I realised that was a bit dark for me, the Queen of Positive Thinking. So I deliberately re-framed it. Self-employment is your opportunity 365 days of the year.

I was thinking back over my 2014 and one of the highlights was taking part in the 30 Day Challenge in June, as their coach. 30 Day challenges are a high-energy way to kickstart a project, get you into action and get you thinking about leaving the day job. They create a wonderful community and I am really glad I met so many of the participants on that challenge. 30 Day challenges create focus and a new peer group.

But for me, and – I hope – for you, self-employment isn’t just for 30 days, it’s for life.

After any such high octane 30 days, reality bites. Now you are mostly on your own. You have to motivate yourself every day and navigate your way through threats and challenges on all sides. You are fighting the demons and dragons of procrastination, time management, fear, money running out, family demands, relationship issues, health challenges and more.

When you have no idea what you are doing, it’s all too easy to feel exposed and under fire.

You are frightened you can’t do it. You feel the pressure from those who care about you to be successful. Some even want you to fail, to keep you in your place – as they see it. They don’t want you rocking the boat and making changes round here. Change… YIKES!

Self-employment doesn’t come with a manual, rather like parenting in that regard. You learn as you go. Your entrepreneurial baby thrives despite your early anxieties but it’s lonely and scary. You want to be with others going through the same things as you, at the same time. That’s comforting and reassuring.

You want to get better at starting, owning and running a business. And, with time, patience and practice…you will. Please don’t give up, however tempting that looks sometimes.

I’ve been self-employed since God was a lad and I still feel a lot of these uncomfortable feelings. All that’s changed is that I have decades of experience I can reference, a bank of trusted colleagues and advisers and better coping strategies. And I know almost all of the answers because I’ve been around that block – more than once! I feel confident and prepared. I feel resilient. I know how to bounce back from challenges and relish them as opportunities.

I teach you to become confident in your own abilities, how to grow strong and make good decisions, how to rely on your common sense and make steady progress towards financial independence. I help you to see that you already know much more than you think you do and that your route to self-employed stability is unique, albeit wobbly initially, but great fun in the learning too. And it’s exciting!

Comparisons are invidious but companionship is invaluable.

Rules are for jobsworths. Throw the rule book out the window and find your own unique path to a successful life working for yourself. We are creators and we won’t let a little challenge get us down. Challenge is our opportunity. We laugh in the face of rules. Whatever life throws at u,s we find a way round the blockage and we keep on keeping on.

Sometimes you have to take a time out, for sure; take a breather. I’ve done that more than once. No shame. You have to re-group before an attempt at the next face of the Eiger, as the little hillock in front of you sometimes appears.

Where are you on this path? And how can I help?

A couple of thoughts…

I have two gorgeous little business groups – Small Business Big Magic and Club 100. They are chock-full of women (and men) just like you, beginners and intermediate respectively. These intrepid adventurers are investing £50 or £150 per month in coaching and mentoring with me and adding value to powerful and tight-knit supportive communities filled with opportunity, reassurance and shared wisdom.

Each week you become just a little bit better at coping with what life and business throws at you. You learn more about what it takes to work for yourself so you can either give up the day job, or need not go back to it. [As if!] And you learn what it takes to become a confident business owner. You discover that you are OK really. And that you can do this thing. You’ve got this.

You learn to distinguish challenge from opportunity.

Members of both groups live in the UK and Europe, USA and New Zealand and they are also travelling all over the world and working at the same time, the much-vaunted laptop lifestyle (harder than it looks!). They are making businesses out of art, writing, photography, beautiful candles, property investing, EFT, websites, health, interiors, creativity, music, yoga, the Law of Attraction, coaching, running a B&B, creating bespoke events and fabulous parties, network marketing and going on adventures.

Self-employment is your 365 opportunity, the ride of a lifetime.

Your Biz Your Way

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