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It has taken me over fifteen years working as a business mentor and coach to work out what I want to write my book about. And then it occurred to me, I’d write it about you.

The title of the book is Your Biz Your Way.

The strapline is Learning to Trust Yourself: Relax, You’ve Got This!

And the hashtag is #BustingTheBonkersness


Your Biz Your Way is part love, part humour and part harangue.  It is also:

  • 52 Questions (from you) and answers (from me)
  • 65,000 words
  • 220 pages
  • 7+1 chapters – Bonkersness, Feelings, Financial, Marketing, Personal, Philosophy, Practical and a bonus chapter
  • Foreword by John C. Parkin of F**k It! and after I’d edited out all the swear words too (although the F word is my very fave)
  • Wordy introduction from me to get us in the mood before we crack on
  • Notes, resources, opinions, tips and breathing spaces for you to write your own notes.

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Here’s what it says on the back cover:

This is not a business book like any other; it is a three-cornered gift of love, humour and harangue. It’s not a How To book. I’ve read plenty of business books and quite a lot of them were reality-changing corkers; I bet you have too. My clients are junkies for them and ask me if I’ve read the latest. No, I haven’t.


Because I’ve stopped taking in yet more new and re-hashed information. I have enough information. And so have you. I’m full to overflowing with information. And so are you. You don’t need any more. You know enough. You are enough. Stop with the more already. Your job now is to implement what you’ve learned.

You are not going to learn how to do this solopreneur malarkey from a book. You are going to learn how to do it by doing it. You’re going to have a go. You’re going to crack on. And it’ll be fun. And character building and yes, I won’t lie, at times it’ll feel like a hero’s journey. But it’ll be the making of you.

I will hold your virtual hand as, one by one, you knock down the bonkers reasons why you think you can’t do it and the bonkersness you put in your own way as some weird and complex form of self-sabotage which serves to make you interesting, but perhaps only to me. You are probably boring yourself to tears with it, aren’t you?

  • Just like Bob the Builder, we can fix this.
  • We can get it done.
  • You will do this.
  • Look! You are doing this.

Running a business at our level is easy. Any idiot can do it. Honestly. And running Your Biz Your Way, as opposed to slavishly following the way of the Received Wisdom (grr!) is even easier and much more satisfying and, sooner or later, it is profitable too. You will learn to trust yourself under my gentle cajoling guidance and cheerleading.

You can employ yourself for money. Imagine that.

Relax! You’ve got this.