Who Can You Talk To About Your Business and Your Life?

Cut Your Plan In HalfIf you are self-employed and work for yourself, who can you talk to about your business and your life?

I no longer think it is either possible or desirable to try to separate the glorious complex human being that you are from you the entrepreneur and business owner. We don’t operate in a vacuum, it’s not healthy and all work and no play makes Judith a dull girl.

Today I was inspired by this message from Hollie Holden about cutting your plan in half and then in half again, saying no and hugging a tree. Often these are precisely the sorts of messages I end up encouraging my clients with when they are in overwhelm with a To Do list longer than their arm, juggling a lot of personal commitments too. Together we work out priorities, values and how to create something meaningful this week or month at work and at home. A wonderful life is made up of meaningful moments.

Does that mean you can’t have both, a successful business and a wonderful life? No! But it may mean you have to take some time to work out what’s really important to you, what you would really love to be doing and how, what’s a big dream and what’s a sensible goal and which of those you are going to go for. I know which one I’d prefer and which is the more compelling to work on in my own life – the big dream. But that’s just mean and I promise not to impose it on you, unless that’s why you’ve booked yourself into my online diary, for precisely that sort of encouragement. And I’ll know, trust me, I’ll winkle it out of you!

This week I have spoken to a potential new client about his big dream and to existing clients about staying in inspiration and out of drudgery, how to handle contract negotiations, how to see the truth of any situation, offering reassurance, encouragement, support, listening and perspective. Often clients are too close to their own stuff to appreciate their natural gifts and talents and where they should be putting their focus right now, seeing the wood for the trees.

Staying in the “right” space for you to have a happy and productive week which enables you to end up feeling good about yourself is the intention, because feelgood promotes more of the same, the ripples spread outward and before you know it life is better more of the time. Leave room for your soul to breathe, as Hollie says. This is a space that allows you to create whatever you want in all areas of your life. And when you are feeling down, all you have to do is find one tiny step which takes you back towards the light, towards your soul breathing. If you can take it, you’re on your way up again in the virtuous circle.

Quite a few of my clients and contacts have reported feeling down these last two weeks and even I have been known to take the odd lie-in, the duvet apparently unwilling to release me from its cosy clutches. But today is sunny and all is well in my world again, despite some challenges this week. This is normal. Managing our emotions and not believing everything we think, and learning how to be kind to ourselves and treat ourselves with encouraging words and affirmations, it’s all part of the process, all part of the journey.

It helps to talk, to be heard, understood and appreciated. Who do you talk to about your business and your life? Reach out, I’ll be there, alongside Hollie, encouraging you to book that date with a tree!

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