Your Carb Addiction

I thought I was a failed dieter for my entire adult life until I embarked upon a new adventure in September 2016, a low-carb lifestyle. Instead, I discovered I had been addicted to carbohydrate – sugar or foods like bread and pasta and rice and biscuits and crisps that turn to sugar as soon as we eat them.

I went on to lose six stone naturally and effortlessly and keep it off, both of those are quite the mean feat after all those wasted years.

And now I help others find their way out of the sticky web of carb addiction.

Here are my two escape routes:

  1. We work together 121 for 90 days, which costs £750 – The Fabulous Adventure
  2. We work together in a group for 90 days, which costs £90 – The July 2018 Pilot

Carbohydrate addiction is the scourge of our health and what we put in our mouths is our last great personal freedom. This is all about choice, and not in the least diety, I promise.

90 Days is how long it takes to kick the cravings and embed new healthy choices.

Contact me if carbs look like something we should be talking about.