Your Innate Talents

music-1707842_640One of the things I love to do best with my clients is work with them on businesses which are based around the things they love. And this often involves their innate talents, things they are just naturally good at.
The problem with that, if there is one, is that we tend to take for granted the things we are just naturally good at and not place much value on them ourselves since they have been in our lives so long, we’ve just forgotten that they are our gifts or are too modest to call them that.
Such things include writing, creating art, being creative in all sorts of other ways, being organised, seeing the bigger picture, getting stuff done efficiently, being minimalist, taking photographs, creating web copy, social media, networking, making money from our ideas, helping other people in various ways, making audio or video, the list does rather tend to go on and on. In infinite variety. Like us. Good!
It is a fabulous idea if your business is built on the foundations of stuff you love and are just naturally good at.
But sometimes it makes it awfully difficult to charge for it, because you don’t have an accurate idea of the value of it for precisely these reasons, you overlook your strengths and gifts and take them for granted. You are often still looking outside of yourself for answers to stuff which you think is “wrong” with you and your biz.
If something is easy for you, my job is to point that out to you and remind you of the commercial value of it, and help you see how valuable it is when shared with your paying clients and to help you find a way to make a lovely business out of it by charging properly for what comes naturally to you.
It’s a conundrum, I’m sure you can see that? Maybe you are already all too aware of it.
If it’s something you can whiz through in five minutes but would take another person hours to do, then your skills will save them time and time is money. People will pay handsomely for that.
Interestingly, this doesn’t mean you HAVE to start a business out of your musicianship or your knitting hobby if you’d prefer to leave them both in that lovely personal and private space in your life.
But it might mean that a good audit of all the stuff you take for granted about yourself and which we, the rest of us, can see when we gaze admiringly at you, well that would be a great place to start.
One of the things which is often recommended is to ask others what they appreciate or value about you. If you are too shy to do that, you can just sit quietly and remind yourself from your mental rolodex what is it that people are always asking you to do because they know you are good at it? Making cakes? Fixing stuff? Re-writing their words? Solving their tech problems online? Advising about social media? Helping them with confidence issues? Sharing the ways you do things?
In my case, my friends tend to ask me about anything and everything, because they know I am a magpie when it comes to knowledge. And if I don’t know how to do it, then I will know someone who does. So I become a shortcut to a useful resource. They also want to know what I think about things, which means they value my opinion.
That’s where your value lies, in what you know, what you love and what you are a natural at. It is valuable to other people, and together we can work out what that value is and what to charge for it. Remember, the more you can bring yourself to charge for it, the easier and more profitable your life and business will become.
And who doesn’t want that in 2017?
If you would like my help with that, or you know someone who clearly needs it, check out my Listening Vouchers which are available now and all the way through to the New Year. Let me help you excavate your innate talents and charge what you are really worth. We can do that together via a consultation (pick my brains) and a conversation (tell me about it, let’s talk it through).

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