Business Lessons My Clients Teach Me: Your Internal Compass

CompassHere are the nuggets of golden wisdom I gleaned from my Club 100 clients in this week’s check-ins:

Work hard but never force it

Feeling tired can be a boon, it obliges us to strip out everything unnecessary

Powering down for a week can be efficacious (in every way)

Confidence is important and, as you work in your own small business, confidence grows

Connections are vital and surprising – expect the unexpected

Follow your internal compass, it’s always right

Keep open to opportunities – there’s the unexpected again

Break out of the endless cycle of research and start to get stuff done, the stuff that’ll make all the difference

Be visible, come on out of your shell, the world is waiting and welcoming

Do what you want… when inspiration catches you

We are uncomfortable in asking others for help. What a great way to get outside your comfort zone since the answer in a group like this is always supportive and helpful

Make the time for doing your own thing sacrosanct – live your purpose

Your subconscious is always broadcasting to The Universe

Look out for the traps of black and white thinking, assuming there’s nothing in between. There’s loads in between A and Z.

Preparation is key for pitches, presentations and public speaking

Be careful what you wish for when you ask for a big shake-up – you might just get it

What we want is more peace and self-love, less volatility. When do we want it? Now!

Leave room for possibility – is that the third reminder this week about expecting the unexpected?

Change is good, it’s freeing and it moves everything along

Is the stuff we don’t do “resistance”? If so, what are we resisting and why? Worth a little delve into that.

If you want something doing, ask a busy woman

Are your settings Always On –v- Always Off? Is that how you want it to be? If so, good! It’s working. You have a system which you can adapt to suit you better, if you want.

Avoid stress, go slow, allow and sometimes problems just fix themselves magically

Clutter-clearing rocks but takes an emotional toll.

Feed your soul with work you love, work you can’t wait to do

Choose much uplifting reading and affirmations when that sort of spiritual underpinning is required. Note: that sort of spiritual underpinning is always required.

  • Most fun method of check-in this week was expressed as “Three Fs and a Bonus Ball”
  • Favourite saying of the week: “I found the Holy Grail in the bottom of my handbag”

There are currently six vacancies in Club 100. If you’d like to join our creative group forging ahead in tandem and learning stuff like this from each other every week, then I’d love to have you on board.

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