Your Life

I’ve been alive since 1955 which means I shall turn 64 in 2019. I’ve lived, I’ve laughed and cried, I’ve learned a lot by doing and even more by observing.

I’ve become a bit of a wise old owl.

Now I am offering myself to you as a conversationalist, a listener, a co-creating partner, a secret ally and/or a confidante. A good talk is at the heart of everything I do with clients, I need to hear from you in your own words and help you get clear by feeding back to you what you say. Epiphanies ensue!

All of my clients from the earliest accounting days onwards have always said I make them feel better, and my goal for our conversations is that you go away feeling better in whatever way you desire.

Our conversations have the power to be life-changing, and the offer the possibility of transformation. Not every time, of course. But often the first one is very powerful and opens your eyes to how you would prefer things to be in your life, and how we can then go on to work together to make that come true for you. And to keep you in that zone.

The first one’s always free, and if you have already enjoyed that then book yourself into my online diary on a PWYW (pay what you want) basis or book a consultation at £150.

Let’s talk and let the magic unfold.