How to Find Your Life’s Calling

Unclutter My LifeA considerable number of my clients struggle with this – how to find your life’s calling, your life purpose or the thing you would really love to be doing. I enjoyed and shared an article on this topic yesterday from Pick the Brain and it has 7 handy questions which I thought I would answer for myself on the blog today. Here goes.

What is your message to the world?

That it is easy, possible, challenging and enormous fun to create a wonderful life working for yourself.

What kind of legacy do you want to leave?

I have no desire to leave a legacy. I don’t really get the whole legacy thing. If I leave behind a book or a website or a podcast representing the collected wisdom of a lifetime of self-employment which is helpful to others, that will more than suffice.

What doesn’t feel like work to you?

Answering the questions of people who are newer than me on their journey to successful and fulfilling self-employment. Helping others to do what I have done, working for themselves and creating an income that way.

What did you imagine doing as a kid?

As a teenager I wanted to be a journalist. I’m not sorry I haven’t been. Being able to publish my own blog online feels like being the columnist I always dreamed of being. Better, in fact.

Who is doing your dream job? What exactly is that job?

Andy Carter at The National Lottery. He’s the Winners Advisor, the man who pays out the money. I’d love to do that, help winners make big decisions in their lives about money and help them hang onto it. The only downside of his job is that he’s not allowed to play the lottery. Shame! I love playing, winning and contributing to good causes each week.

Another dream job (although a job would never be a dream for me) would be helping commercial organisations evaluate charitable projects, using profits to help others.

What are you most passionate about?

Not over-complicating things. Keeping life simple. Reading. Writing. Having a wonderful life. Creativity. Self-expression. Personal development. Cinema. Stripping away confusion and drama so that life is easy. Communicating as clearly and cleanly as possible.

What would would you never do again, no matter how much you were paid?

Hmm. This is quite a testing question as well. I don’t think I’ve ever done anything I would never do again, with the possible exception of working in a fish and chip shop when I was 16. I’d prefer not to do a job again of any description, I haven’t had one of those since 1977, the year that Elvis died! I am open to possibilities and opportunities and would consider most things which offered creative fulfillment, a degree of autonomy and the ability to do it virtually from wherever I am in the world whist still being able to take care of my clients, so it would need to be part-time. Notice I can’t do the negative ones, I have to turn them into a positive!


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