Your Own Definition of Amazing

Sam Bell said something nice about me on Facebook on International Women’s Day and included me in a group of just four women she thought to mention as inspiring – that’s me and Yvonne Halling, Lady Gaga and Helen Mirren. Wow! Helen Mirren is on my vision board, my personal inspiro-girl. I’ve never wanted to be like Gaga, though undoubtedly she is a Top Bird; I’m a fan without being a wannabe.

What I liked especially about Sam’s feedback was that she appreciated me for precisely the things which I already know and love about myself, thus reinforcing them.

And that brings me to my topic: The Business of Being You.

This fascinates me because it was precisely what Sam said. Specifically what she appreciates about me is that I am “unashamedly myself in all things”.

Truth is, Ladies & Gents, I don’t know another way to do it. What you see is what you get. And whilst this used to get me into a lot of trouble historically, these days (there I go again) it is right on the money. I’ve grown into it. It is truthful and transparent and real. It gives a potential client something to grab hold of, and it helps my existing clients to know what they can rely upon me to be consistently. Sam describes my brand values and what I stand for.

It helps me ‘cos I don’t have to fabricate a tissue of half-lies and remember what I’ve said or present any particular image to the world, which is just exhausting and gets very heavy to hold up after any period of time…quite a short one in my case.

But also because it is what I encourage all my clients to do all of the time. Be you. It’s attractive. And besides, everyone else is taken.

It also touches on all sorts of things which are interesting to us as self-employed people. We are making a business out of ourselves and even, in some cases, out of being ourselves. Some of my clients are seeking to monetise themselves in ways which I didn’t understand initially but which are now growing on me very much as contemporary business models, because this concept is very 2017 and beyond.

Orthodox business models are dying on their feet all around us every day, just as they always will, so you might as well be yourself and make a business out of being you, especially if you are working with your clients in the ways that many of my clients do – as a consultant, healer, expert, adviser, service provider or inspiring adventurer. Whilst you may go through changes and be changed, essentially you are always going to be you. And how perfect is that?

Actually, when I look at a list of clients in both my mentoring groups, ALL of them are experts at their thing and at being themselves (with my encouragement) and this is nothing other than a fine business and life asset.  And that thing, the thing of your business, is inextricably linked with who you are and how you show up in the world.

I don’t really want to have to use the yawny coachy word authenticity but I can’t see a way round it. This is about truth. And about being real.

I saw this on Facebook.

I like this. Further, I also happen to believe we are all beautiful as well, however many or few of these qualities we think we possess.

By all means be angry, intelligent, witty, klutzy, interesting, funny, adventurous, crazy and talented, but only if that’s who you are. Don’t fake it.

Be your own definition of amazing. Always.

I’m not very angry or klutzy or adventurous or crazy (everything’s subjective!). But I am all the other words to a greater or lesser extent and I could add in a few of my own, whatever I want to lay claim to.  In my own case that would include what Sam said.

Who Is Sam and What Did She Say?

Sam is Sam Bell. Do you know her? If not, you should.

This is Sam on Facebook: Samantha Bell – friend her up, say Judith sent you, and this time next year she’ll be saying nice things about you.

This is Sam’s business: Pixie Belle Style & Image

And this is what she said:

What would you want to be said about you?

Have you found a way to make a business out of that?

Would you want to, or would that totally freak you out?

Do write and let me know.

And while we’re on the topic of inspiro-girls, how’s about that Malala??

Your Biz Your Way

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