Your Primary Aim: Your Big Why

E-MythDo you know WHY you want to create a business to love?

When I run workshops based around Creating a Business to Love, using E-Myth techniques, I ask you to paint your Primary Aim and to get in touch with a bold, colourful and exciting vision of how your business will serve your life not the other way around, which is how most of us in the self-employed sector work.

This frequently causes tears and laughter, not least from those of us who are a bit shy of our drawing skills (!). But you don’t need to be a great artist, that bit’s just a bit of fun. The point is – can you see in your mind’s eye why you want to make your fortune through your own small business or self-employment?

When we leave our jobs and set up on our own it’s usually because we think we will be able to create a better life for ourselves and our loved ones. But all too often we get sucked into the demands of our businesses and lose sight of the vision.

If you have a painting, a photo or a visual reminder, especially one which you have created yourself, you can stick it up above your desk and keep in touch with why you are doing this.

Don’t let the vision get too far away from you. If you align all your activities each day with what will take you in the most direct route to being able to live that life which you painted, you will be able to get there SO much quicker.

Why else are we doing this?

Your Biz Your Way

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